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Written by Tracey Dover

Navajo Express



I’m sure a lot of you have seen by now, but if you haven’t had a chance to surf the new Navajo website, get online and go to and take a look. We have updated the Navajo website and it looks fantastic!!

Along with the new cleaner look, it is easier to navigate, and loaded with new features. You’ll notice a couple new features as soon as you open the page. Don Sr. shares a video message that pops up, and on the left hand side, there is a link for a message from Don Jr. Check it out!

The menu along the top of the page provides links to several pages. As you scan through the different links, you’ll see some new items as well as some familiar links. You will still be able to access your payroll information the same way you always have, as well as some new pages too. Take some time to go through and look at some helpful links in the Safety menu, Customers menu, sale equipment, and a new blog page.

We would love to post some of your personal, on-the-road, or other stories. Share some of your good times, or experiences, or driving tips, with others. Don’t be shy. Everyone likes to read good stories. If you have something you’d like to share on the blog site, send your written stories in email to:

Look us up at


Stop by and see us at

1400 W. 64th Ave.

Denver, CO 80221

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